Pacific Composites was established in 2003 as a high quality specialist composite component, tooling and assembly manufacturer serving the Aerospace, Automotive, and Industrial Products Industries.



Latest News

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

We are pleased to announce some new developments and expansion of our business operations. Pacific Composites recently opened our new 5,500 square foot expansion to our existing facility, bringing our total operating space to 12,500 square feet. 

The new facility is located in the next-door unit at 225 Calle Pintoresco, and is fully networked to the primary building at 221 Calle Pintoresco, making it an almost seamless expansion. 
The facility houses our new 5-Axis Router that will enable us to take on machining molds and masters in-house, for our own projects, and also as a service to other clients. The machine has a 15HP head that runs up to 18,000 RPM and has a machining envelope of Y 120", X 60", Z 36". 5-Axis part trimming will also improve our accuracy and productivity. 

A dedicated, climate controlled, QA room is under construction and this will allow for full dimensional inspection, including 'on-machine' inspection, using our Romer Arm. A normal selection of calibrated inspection equipment and a large surface plate will allow us to offer complete inspection and reverse engineering services.
The offices include a meeting/presentation room with on-line video and audio conferencing for collaboration without limitations of distance and multiple engineering/programming workstations.